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Weekend Summary:

Tomorrow will be as light as yesterday, the next day will be as light as two days ago, three days from now the light will be the same as the day before yesterday, and so on... Yeah- it’s that pinnacle time of year where, whether or not our “thinking brain” knows it- everything is in flux and shift. Solstice is here!

We really have to hand it to our fancy modern selves for simply being able to maneuver this time of year (The END- oh my, really, already??!!)…SO many things going on at the same time it’s no wonder we developed Velcro. It really is enough at a time like this to be able to cut off the brain and simply be enveloped by the moment- and that’s a huge key to the energy we’ve got over the weekend. I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t stress enough the energy from the North Node we’ve under and how it’s working overtime to ring the bells of our remembrance of what is and always will be. Fate unfolding at our fingertips in the echoes from many, many years (and many more) ripple the landscape of the Now. Music so complicated and intricate that it can barely be noticed and can only be grasped with intangible fingers. That’s the music of the season and it carries a weight that will prove to make it’s mark. One of the key factors right now is in where we place our attention…because there are a great many things in the process of “becoming” right now, we have a choice what we want to see unfold- we can tune into just about anything we desire…. Awesomeness & Magic.

I think one of my favorite elements that’s being highlighted by the Uranus, Pluto & Node T-square right now is the element of determination that is being brought to the table…there’s a lot of drive and this brings an element of power that cannot be missed…the issue is that it can appear to seem to go against our own personal grain, what we are trying to get done (I’m just trying to get this done!)… the real issue and the focal counterpoint is the “negative” i.e. dark i.e. yet to be uncovered elements working to break the surface…like I said, this energy is In motion, there’s no real stopping the flow so we’ll have to take the ride (why not, we already bought the ticket!! Hahaha) …the key isn’t so much as in trying to “go with the flow” so much as to let the levee break, let the tides rise, and Really take the ride! When you get taken down i.e. set back i.e. re-directed…it’s a time to really sit your arce down for a moment and take a good look around, enjoy the view for a moment…and then it’s time to rise to the occasion!

As the Sun and Moon venture into Capricorn we will see new elements of power and control issues rise to the surface…on a personal level, what no longer is good enough won’t cut it and that’s an awesome cue to Rise up and settle into a new vibe…!

Cheers to a Fabulous Time of the Year!

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~∂awn exton @gmail.com

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

You’ll find your energy for rising to the occasion this weekend in areas related to your personal strengths and applying what you have already learned to the future…there is a key in how you relate to others, be open and fearless.

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