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... horoscope chart cast for Friday, March 27th, 2015

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Today's Overall Horoscope Summary...


On the surface, today's chart can seem to be very similar as yesterdays... But... (pointing to my Butt)... hehe... There is always a "pressure relief valve" within the chart where if we direct our energy into certain areas of the chart, it works to transform the wild & chaotic energy patterns into an organized positive energy flow... The visual that comes to mind is how ranchers can "round up" herds of cattle & get them all moving & flowing as steady as a stream.

Work with me on this...
First of all, we have the exact Pluto/Uranus "square" (90°) taking place... That alone is chaotic & causes a detached or a "cold" attitude in many... This is the pattern that is bringing about the major chaos & upheavals in our lives... This is the pattern that shakes us up & causes us to find alternative lifestyles or operational methods in our lives... It makes it clear that we are not going back to "the way we were" before.

Then we have the Yod I talked about in Weds 'scope that can trigger the fate & destiny events... This energy also brings us greater spiritual understanding in the most earthy & practical ways... Inner healings of the mind, heart & soul... You can go back and re-read the past 2 daily 'scope summaries in case you missed those...

The one common denominator in all of this is that all these planet configurations are connected to Jupiter in the Sign of Leo... In a way, Jupiter is like the Santa Claus of Astrology... hehe... His mission is to bring us good fortune & greater spiritual understanding... (unconditional love)... Jupiter is quite strong right now because it's about to return to direct (forward) motion... It's like being away on a long trip and you get on the plane that is gonna "take you home"... hehe... It's that "ahhhhhhh" feelin'... (ok we get it daniel, so would ya get to the point fercrissakes and pass me the olives while you're at it?)...

The key really comes down to knowing where Jupiter is currently located in your natal chart... If you go to the Planets Transiting your Natal Horoscope page... Scroll down to where it shows Jupiter's position and read the summary for that pattern... That is the key to unlocking the beneficial qualities of this energy... And also reading the Uranus & Pluto descriptions will show you where the universe is trying to mix things up & bring about changes in your life too...

At the core of this... Jupiter in the sign of Leo is asking us to be willing to step forward to be the strong leader we need to be... Even if that only means leading ourselves & refusing to "sell out" or to do things in a half-assed way... This is a placement that demands respect but in order to get that, you have to be willing to deserve it... When you put all the pieces together you can see how the universe is trying to bring us greater order through the chaos.

Anyway... That's all I got right now... Thanks for stoppin' by & helpin' to spread the word about us here at WeeklyHoroscope.com!!...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

The trap set for Scorpio today is that never-ending question about what is the right path to take to your dreams & happiness... But the real deal is that there is so many elements of destiny taking place in your current chart that it doesn't really matter as the universe is going to make sure you arrive at the right places at the right time... It's not "just about you" as you and your actions are designed to deeply affect & change the direction of others. Selfless!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table

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Mar 28 2015 8:58 PM   to   Mar 29 2015 12:48 AM Leo
Mar 30 2015 8:57 AM   to   Mar 31 2015 1:12 PM Virgo
Apr 02 2015 4:01 AM   to   Apr 03 2015 2:07 AM Libra
Apr 04 2015 10:58 AM   to   Apr 05 2015 3:04 PM Scorpio
Apr 07 2015 4:41 PM   to   Apr 08 2015 1:08 AM Sagittarius
Apr 09 2015 1:42 PM   to   Apr 10 2015 8:46 AM Capricorn
Apr 12 2015 4:15 AM   to   Apr 12 2015 1:44 PM Aquarius
Apr 14 2015 3:44 PM   to   Apr 14 2015 4:11 PM Pisces
Apr 15 2015 5:37 PM   to   Apr 16 2015 5:00 PM Aries
Apr 18 2015 2:57 PM   to   Apr 18 2015 5:31 PM Taurus
Apr 19 2015 7:06 PM   to   Apr 20 2015 7:28 PM Gemini
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