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“I am feeling like a small pebble being kicked around in the surf. Too light to be pulled back out to sea and settle peacefully to the bottom and yet too heavy to be kicked up onto the quiet shore. It is here, in the chaos, where I will be refined and redefined until that singular moment in time when I emerge exactly where and as whom I am meant to be” –My Sister

“Stuck between a rock

And a hard place

Between a rock and a hard place

You'd better stop put on a kind face

Between a rock and a hard place” –Rock and a Hard Place by The Rolling Stones

No doubt most of you are reeling right now…but hey, the good news is You Made It Through The Week, even if you don’t know how, or when that happened. And what a week it was, with Mars reaching it’s closest approach to Earth in 6 years, while at the same time a total eclipse of the moon (and a blood moon at that) …all on 4-14-14. That’s a lot of 4’s, one can only assume that somewhere a golfer is yelling (at the top of his lungs) “FORE”, that’s our cue to pick our heads up and look around a bit more…what’s coming?

Caught in your own little tangle of the bramble bush? You’re not alone. There’s simply a lot of energy being kicked around right now and, as my sister so aptly stated above (long phone calls with your sister are the best!), it’s hard not to feel like we are a mere pebble on the shore’s edge (what a delicate and erratic place), waiting to be taken decidedly out, or in. The only real trouble with this energy is that it’s very hard for a western mentality to take, not to mention a modern one. We want things now. Resolution feels like it should always be a quick fix, but nothing in nature that lasted ever really worked that swift, things need time to stew, take root, and come into focus. Avoid jumping to the quick conclusion or action right now And….

That’s not likely to be easy as the energy from Mars has really kicked things up a notch as we can expect some serious personal drive entering the equation that is going to add a bit of the unusual. The more you have a specific outcome in mind, the more UNI (the universe) is likely to step in and create an alternate route. This is Exactly when not having a plan (just showing up) is the best course of action, this is when the majik can run like wildfire. Passions are sparked.

There’s a lot of Communication energy being sparked right now as well. You’ll notice time seems to evaporate when you get into a conversation with others and this is a great thing, setting aside some time to flap the gums will be good for the soul right now and it is likely draw into (and feed upon) some life of it’s own… the organic and unusual flow of things right now sparks new interest, it’s when you can’t get enough information, and that’s rarely truly a bad idea. The key here is to make sure you don’t get so far ahead of yourself that you don’t allow yourself to Really Listen, that is, Hear, what others are saying. The law of give and take is the crucial hinge on which this energy opens all sorts of new doors.

Hang on and enjoy the ride!

~dawn exton

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

The key to this energy is not allowing your brain power to outweigh your ability to connect with others in a deeper level, sometimes its not what you know but how you share your knowledge with others that counts…just being willing to share if it’s needed, instead of jumping to be in command. The more you are willing to be vulnerable with your natural reaction the better, try to turn your mind off a bit…

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