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... horoscope chart cast for Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

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Today's Overall Horoscope Summary...


Today's energy is the kind that most of us just wait to roll around... It has that artistic and free-form thinking quality that helps us to see the humour, magic & potentials available in our usual everyday lives... This is when the chart encourages you to "think outside the box" and to consider other actions/options and to align yourself with others of like mind & spirit... The real deal is that this chart indicates the key to our future success can depend on the quality of people we choose to associate with.

At the same time, because Mercury is still retrograde... There is a tendency to "think too much" or to find ways to over-complicate what is really quite simple and easy... This happens when the emotions get mixed up with the mind and we get a distorted perspective... You've seen this a million times where I call it the "woe is me syndrome"... And it's a fact, we all fall prey to this occasionally... But just by being aware of it helps to mitigate it's effects... It's like the universe is telling us to "get over it" and get on with the program... hehe...

The most important "lesson" contained within today's chart has to do with communication and how we choose to deal with the facts & information we encounter... Just watch, how in our future's we will look back at this time and the "little moments" that may have seemed insignificant at the time will prove to be the most life changing factors of our lives... What may seem like "no big deal" at the moment can have life changing meaning for each of us later on... So stay sharp... Be more alert.

That's it for right now... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow... Thanks for stopping by & for sharing the website with your friends too!!... (((YAY)))... hehe...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

You will notice an almost instant shift/change in the "vibe" you are dealing with... This is when others are not shy in showing/revealing their interest in you... In many ways, you can find that many elements of your life are beyond your ability to control at the moment... But may are... And this is when others can try to take advantage of your vulnerable emotions... I'd be very careful with the "words & promises" others may make... It's the classic "promises in the night" energy!!!

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Oct 23 2014 1:22 PM   to   Oct 23 2014 5:09 PM Scorpio
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Oct 27 2014 11:18 AM   to   Oct 28 2014 5:03 AM Capricorn
Oct 29 2014 10:01 PM   to   Oct 30 2014 8:52 AM Aquarius
Nov 01 2014 1:21 AM   to   Nov 01 2014 11:36 AM Pisces
Nov 03 2014 4:05 AM   to   Nov 03 2014 1:53 PM Aries
Nov 05 2014 8:25 AM   to   Nov 05 2014 4:33 PM Taurus
Nov 07 2014 11:17 AM   to   Nov 07 2014 8:44 PM Gemini
Nov 09 2014 11:21 AM   to   Nov 10 2014 3:38 AM Cancer
Nov 12 2014 4:16 AM   to   Nov 12 2014 1:44 PM Leo
Nov 14 2014 9:52 PM   to   Nov 15 2014 2:08 AM Virgo
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