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... horoscope chart cast for Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

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Today's Overall Horoscope Summary...


Today's chart will be terrific for nearly any kind of social activities making it a great time to get together with friends, family and for meeting new people... The energy has a way of breathing new life into our artistic appreciation too... Where our eyes and hears pick up things we have overlooked in the past... It's like listening to your favorite music and being able to hear notes & instruments that are very subtle in the background.

From an astrologer's point of view, these are very difficult charts to write about because what happens is that so many planets are clumped together in one spot... And even though they are constantly moving, what happens is that the faster planets roll in and take the places that were previously held by the slower planets and eventually overtaking them... So it can seem and feel like the planets have stalled out or are in some kind of repeating loop... But all that is now starting to change as Mercury goes direct later this week. Fortunately for me, after 40 years of charting I know better than to try to "razzle-dazzle" you guys... I just tell you what the chart is saying and let you deal with it... hehe...

In a moment of Mercury retro madness I went against my own better knowledge and bought a new telly-vision... (When Mercury is retro, the worst things to buy are clothing and/or electronics)... I just re-did my office and made it look like a 1940's "newsroom" that you see in the old movies... Yeah, I know they didn't have big-screens back then, but you have to be "adaptable to change"... hehe... Anyway, like I said, I bought a telly-vision and the volume was wonky... It would be super loud for a while and then get so quiet you couldn't hear it... At least I was bright enough to buy from very customer service oriented companies who took it back without any questions or hassles... Ahhh...

The reason I mention the telly story is that at the deepest levels of the chart, there is a theme that taking hold (that will last a very long time too)... It's one that cries out for "predictable order and control"... With the Uranus/Pluto connection we've been dealing with for so long, people are a bit worn out from the constant chaos, confusion & hassles... Therefore we begin to look for companies and products that are very stable & dependable... I 'spose that has a lot to do with why our 'scopes are so popular... The truth in the room is that in reality, I write the 'scopes for myself... (selfish huh?)... hehe... Seriously, I am a spaz and need all the extra help & insights I can get to help me steer myself though this thing called "Modern Life"... As long as I bother writing it down (so I don't forget it) about 20 years ago I just chose to share them with you guys too...

Anyway... That's it for today... I'll talk to ya's tomorrow... Thanks for stoppin' by!! ((CHEER))...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

Your chart emphasizes the need to break large tasks down into smaller and more manageable chucks... There is tendency to allow the size or scope of certain projects/objectives to seem nearly impossible when viewed as a whole... Your chart is showing all the signs of success but you are going to have to overcome any negativity you encounter... Especially the stuff that's inside you!!

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Oct 18 2015 4:48 AM   to   Oct 18 2015 2:52 PM Capricorn
Oct 20 2015 4:31 PM   to   Oct 20 2015 9:37 PM Aquarius
Oct 23 2015 12:21 AM   to   Oct 23 2015 1:17 AM Pisces
Oct 24 2015 7:18 AM   to   Oct 25 2015 1:21 AM Aries
Oct 26 2015 7:25 AM   to   Oct 27 2015 1:07 AM Taurus
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