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... horoscope chart cast for Thursday, July 30th, 2015

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A Water Grand Trine... It looks like a great big pyramid in the sky... And just like the pyramids, Grand Trines have that "Magical Mystical" quality to them... Where anything & everything is possible "if you have the courage to dream & believe"... Yeah, I know that may sound like a story-book to a lot of you, but it is the truth.

Why are things so wacky right now?
If you look at the chart below... Just look at all the red-dots and you'll see how many planets are retrograde... (Uggghh)... Geeshka, things can get squirrelly when just Mercury is retro, but imagine the power of Venus, Lilith, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus... All retro at the same time... FAINT... THUD... (sound of me hitting the floor)... hehe... You get the idea... Wait, perhaps that is actually the problem sometimes... We "get the idea" to do things but then we get distracted while doing them as our minds wander or want to race ahead to the next thing to do.

Check this out... Yesterday I had the "idea" to back-wash (clean) the pool filter... So I did... But when I was finished, I set the filter to the wrong setting (drain) and later in the evening when the filter turns on, (it's on a timer)... Instead of filtering, it was pumping the water out into the yard... Fortunately, I decided to sit outside and enjoy a fine cigar and stare up at the night sky and saw what was happening... So there ya go... A fine cigar prevented me from pumping 18,000 gallons of water into the yard... hehe...

Yeah, so with this kind of chart... We can have moments of sheer genius as well as complete idiocy too... (sometimes at the same time too)... Because so many of the planets are retrograde, we don't really know for sure which ideas may be good or which ones may be "not so much"... hehe... Personaly, I find that if/when you try to "force" things into happening, then chances are they are going to back-fire against you... The whole point of retrograde planets is to remain more in the moment... To pay attention to what we are doing so we set our pool filters to the correct settings.... hehe...

Ok... So the website conversion is going fairly well... If you look at the very top of the page... There is a little "BELL" icon and if you click on that, I will post "status updates" to let you know what pages have been added or other announcements.. etc...

That's it for now... Thanks for stoppin' by to check out the 'Scopes... I'll talk to ya's later...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

Geeshka, it really would be hard to put into words just how dynamic this current chart energy is for you guys... A Grand Trine with Saturn on the 2nd cusp (wealth) tied to Chiron in the 5th (creative expression) and all pointing to Mars on the Mid-Heaven (an indicator of fame and personal status)... Geeshka, and the best part about this is that it requires nothing from you... All you need to do is just be yourself and to give your best efforts... Pure simple & easy... Great Chart!!

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Aug 05 2015 7:29 PM   to   Aug 05 2015 9:29 PM Taurus
Aug 08 2015 12:46 AM   to   Aug 08 2015 1:40 AM Gemini
Aug 10 2015 7:45 AM   to   Aug 10 2015 8:08 AM Cancer
Aug 12 2015 1:44 PM   to   Aug 12 2015 4:52 PM Leo
Aug 15 2015 12:36 AM   to   Aug 15 2015 3:45 AM Virgo
Aug 17 2015 1:16 PM   to   Aug 17 2015 4:22 PM Libra
Aug 19 2015 10:56 PM   to   Aug 20 2015 5:24 AM Scorpio
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